Training programme expert's reports bicycle and e-bike

How to reliably detect and properly assess a claim


Bicycle experts – needed more than ever

Bicycles / e-bikes are establishing themselves more and more and with power as means of transport. In the past two years, the pandemic once again has drastically increased sales figures. The average price for a bicycle has nearly tripled in the past five years.


Specific features of the bicycle market

Annual model changes, individually assembled or even completely customised models and constant technical innovations surpassing the predecessor solutions result in major as well as strongly varying market influences. With these enormous dynamics experts are facing major challenges with every other expert's report.


The toolset for you / your customers

The introductory module “Basic” teaches the basics and the necessary toolset for a first loss assessment of bicycles and e-bikes. This module includes theory and practice. After the training, participants will be able to determine/verify for example prices as new of bicycles and assess cost estimates or details on bicycles.


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Training by the experts of GDFS means:


  • Speakers have altogether more than 50 years of experience as pure bicycle and e-bike experts – from far more than 25,000 expert’s reports and test reports
  • They are active for courts, insurers, manufacturers, lawyers and private individuals in Germany and abroad (e.g. EU, USA, GB, Israel)
  • Knowledge from the manufacturers documentations archive, the largest one all over Europe, probably even the largest one of the cycle / e-bike industry worldwide
  • Furthermore, speakers have extensive trade and workshop experience
  • In addition, the speakers perform test rides as private individuals and cycle for special interest magazines or industrial customers tens of thousands of miles by bike / e-bike per year


Public lectures given by the Zedler-Group in the last years


Your next training

Introductory training “Basic“

March 9 and 10, 2023 Introductory training “Basic“ (target group automotive experts)
Continuation training “Advanced“
March 23 and 24, 2023 Continuation training “Advanced“



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